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Powerology Magsafe Wall Charger 10000mAh

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Powerology wall charger is a reliable companion for you throughout your trips. 10000mAh of large battery capacity will help you charge your apple devices at least 2.5 times, and the wall charger is handy even if both your power bank and smartphone devices are empty.

To recharge your power bank, you can connect it to a computer, car charger, or wall charger using the Type-C cable. Then the power bank will be charged automatically. When connecting the power bank with the charger, 3 LED White lights will keep blinking to indicate charging status.

The power bank is a built-in high-quality material. The product comes with rubberized coating, functional LED indicators, and high transfer efficiency. Li-polymer battery cells assure high safety and stability.


The extended warranty exclusively available at iStore.


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