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Apple Certified Repairs
Make your iPhone new again.

Sometimes bad things happen to great products. But that doesn’t mean that they’re beyond repair. iStore now offers Apple Certified iPhone repairs at selected stores nationwide, at a highly competitive price. So you can get back to enjoying your favourite product in no time.

Screen, battery and other repairs.
A full range of Apple Certified repairs available at iStore.

Eligible repairs can be carried out on iPhones that have been damaged by forms of accidental damage, which are limited to LCD fractures and glass fractures, or damage caused by defects in materials and/or workmanship.

Ineligible repairs apply to iPhones that have any 3rd party, missing or disassembled components, intentional tampering or catastrophic damage. There will be an additional levyapplied to restore your iPhone back to an Apple Certified condition.

Here’s how to get your iPhone ready for its big day.
Steps to follow before handing in your iPhone for repairs.

Terms and Conditions

iPhones that have the following damage will not qualify for a screen replacement: the housing of the iPhone cannot be damaged severely (light dents and scratches are okay), the iPhone cannot be bent, the iPhone cannot have multiple issues (i.e not only is the screen damaged but the iPhone no longer switches on or has water damage too), rear housing glass cracked or smashed. The costs quoted apply to iPhones with 'eligible' damage. Eligible damage is defined as damage caused by defects in materials or workmanship and some forms of accidental damage, which are limited to Liquid damage, LCD fractures and Glass fractures. iStore will still offer repairs to iPhones with ineligible damage at an additional levy of R690. A device with any of the following conditions is ineligible for out-of-warranty service: Third party display, Missing display, Intentional tampering, missing or disassembled parts of the display and Catastrophic damage. Customers booking in their iPhone for a screen replacement must back up their iPhone, turn Find my iPhone off as well as ensure that the iPhone has been charged or is able to switch on at time of booking it in, in order to run diagnostics. It’s imperative that your iPhone is backed-up prior to requesting a screen replacement service as the iPhone will be restored to factory settings and all data will be wiped as part of this repair procedure. The screen repair includes a 90 day warranty or the remainder of your warranty period, whichever is longer.

iStore levies a charge on returns of unsealed products to cover the costs of repackaging the product for sale. You will only be eligible for a refund if the product is returned to iStore together with all its accessories, the original product packaging, original tax invoice and subject to an Internal inspection of the product at our Service Centre.This excludes any bulk deals over five units. iStore will not facilitate any bulk deal returns. All faulty products will be covered in the relevant product warranty.