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iPhone 15 Plus Clear Screen Protector

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iPhone 15 Plus Clear Screen Protector

Smooth and Clean

Say goodbye to a screen covered in fingerprints and smudges thanks to a thin, specially formulated coating that repels oil, water, and dirt. The oleophobic coating resists fingerprint and smudge buildup and makes cleaning your screen with just the wipe of a damp cloth quick and easy. Make sure every swipe, drag, or touch is smooth while your screen stays looking great.

Stunning Clarity

Keep your display flawless while your screen stays protected with ultra-transparent glass. High-quality glass with 92% transparency is so clear you won’t even notice it invisibly defending your screen while you watch videos, game, or FaceTime family. Enjoy the same crisp display and every detail in perfect clarity while keeping your screen safe and enjoying flawless Face ID.

The Ultimate Screen Protection

Keep your screen protected from anything life throws at it. Armorite is made from the toughest tempered glass and withstands over 110 lb of force in the lab to make sure that it provides SGS-certified military-grade defense against even the worst accidents in the field.


The extended warranty exclusively available at iStore.


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